How On-line Course Works?


The teaching material is still under development, it will be ready soon.

We will teach the three sub-systems: Internal Martial Art, Energy Art and Medical Art as a whole.

The teaching contents are under development, it will be ready in the near future. We will publish the Martial Art and Energy Art first, then it will be the Medical Art part.

Basically, the online learning system will be based on Video, Chatting, Question and Answer, Online Seminar and many new learning technologies will get involved.

In this way, students can get more benefits and make it is possible to study these ancient arts from the remote learning system.

We will offer training and learning certificates with different level system,

We will offer instructor training program,

We will offer short term, long term and specific training sections for people who have different requirements.

Right now, what you could do is to register as a free member of this site from the homepage (the left part of the window--