Xue Dian


            Xue Dian (薛颠 in Chinese) (1887-1953), another name was Xue Guoxing, was from Tianjin. He learned Xing Yi from a few masters. Eventually he made his own practice, people called it as Dragon style Xing Yi.He created another style based on Xing Yi, named Xiang Xing Shu (animal form). After Li Cunyi passed away, he became the Director of Tianjin Martial Art Association.

            He practiced Xing Yi in a very profound level that many people who had met him in person would say that he was a genius in Xing Yi school.

            He died early since he was executed by involving illegal cult at that time. It is too bad that his style had not been known by many people although it was one of the best systems in Xing Yi style.

            He wrote 3 books which were published around 1930s. One is about Xing Yi, one is about Xiang Xing Shu, the system he created based on Xing Yi, and another one is Point Pressure.

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