About Wudang Internal


            Wudang Internal was founded by Master Hai Yang in the year of 2001 after he moved to Canada from mainland of China. The center is located in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

            From the day when the center was created, Master Yang has been consistently keeping the traditional way of teaching, researching and promoting these arts which he had studied in China for decades. He helps other practitioners according to their former background with passion and patience.

            Since the cultural differences between the East and the West, he has gradually developed a training and teaching method for the westerners who want to master the ancient Chinese arts in an effective and efficient way. Many students from different backgrounds get their practice,knowledge, their personal life and their journey of self-development improved:


·         Emphasize both of the theoretical studies and physical practice instead of missing one of them;

·         Demystify the knowledge passed on in China for generations instead of adding a veil on it;

·         Embrace the whole package of Chinese Daoism Art instead of only focusing on one part;

·         Keep the real way of traditional practices instead of conventional doing;

·         Inspire people who are studying it instead of only coaching;

·         Develop the natural potential of human being instead of sticking on forms;

·         Follow the principle without being constricted by the rules;

·         Be creative in teaching without losing the practical essence;

·         Respect the ancient arts without conflicting with modern science;

·         Be firm and solid in what we believe without chasing popularity.


            Based on mentioned principles, Wudang Internal will keep working hard to promote these ancient Chinese arts, to make these valuable knowledge approachable in our fast-pace developing world.

            Chinese arts are from China but they belong to all human beings. Our mission is to preserve these ancient treasures, keep the practice pure and do our best to spread and promote them around the world, in order to let more and more people get benefits by following the wonderful and practical principle.

            We believe that, in the future, our practice will be accepted more and more by the majority of people. We can make a difference when we work as a group, at least we can keep a piece of pure-land by ourself, even in our heart...